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The father of a child born out of wedlock does not automatically receive the rights of a parent to the child.  First, the father has to be legally determined to be the father through a paternity action.  Establishing paternity is an important expression of a father's rights and Tiffany Graves Law can help make your relationship to your child a legal one.  

It is not just the father who benefits from establishing paternity for your child.  The mother benefits enormously from paternity. With the paternal relationship established, she is no longer alone and can turn to the father to help support the child. It is good for her mental and physical health not to have the entire burden of parenting on her shoulders.  More importantly, your child benefits from establishing paternity.  In addition to financial support, the child gets inheritance rights, access to essential health information which may prove essential, and may even qualify for Social Security benefits and life insurance policies.  Ultimately, everyone benefits from a child having both parents involved in their life.  Call Tiffany Graves Law today to discuss how you can be on your way to establishing paternity for your child.



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