Father's Rights


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Men are especially at a disadvantage in matters concerning child custody and parenting time. Rarely do men get the same opportunities for primary physical custody that women automatically receive. Father’s may also need to contend with the court’s acceptance of a mother’s request to move away, or a mother’s demand for the father to receive less visitation because it’s “better for the child.”

Fathers are often unaware of their rights and need more information about how to get a fair chance at getting physical custody of their children—especially if they're already involved in court proceedings with the mother of their child(ren).

Tiffany Graves Law takes a strong stance on father’s rights. We work to overcome the presumption that mom is always the best caregiver of the children.  We will work with you to develop a strategy that assures you, the father, will have an equal chance at being appointed custody by the court.  Such strategies may involve investigating the separate homes and lifestyles provided by each parent. In some cases, we may pull in social workers and other experts to testify on our clients’ behalf. We will do whatever is necessary to make sure fathers are treated fairly.



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