Alimony & Spousal Support


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One of the many reasons people get divorced is because they are not happy in their marriage.  This can be for any number of reasons, but it is usually because there is something about their spouse that makes them unhappy.  In some cases, a divorce may be amicable and there will not need to be any court proceedings at all.  However, in most cases there is some degree of dispute.  Tiffany Graves Law has handled numerous divorces and knows one of the most commonly disputed issues during divorce is alimony.  Alimony and spousal support are based on the idea that one spouse may not be able to meet their basic needs without additional help from the other.  Spousal support provides the time and money needed to develop the skills necessary to become self-supportive.  Courts consider two primary factors when determining alimony and spousal support requests.  The first is the need of the spouse requesting alimony.  The second is the other spouse’s ability to pay.  Tiffany Graves Law knows these cases can get complicated quickly which is why it's important to hire her as an experienced alimony and spousal support attorney who will help negotiate these difficult issues with as little emotional harm as possible.



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