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Adoption is one of the most selfless acts you can do in your lifetime.  Giving a child a home and a family is one of the most gratifying life experiences you will ever encounter.  The Tulsa, Oklahoma based law firm of Tiffany Graves Law is proud to help you complete your family by facilitating your adoption.  The adoption process is multifaceted and at times can be complicated.  Tiffany Graves Law has successfully handled each aspect of the adoption process for a variety of clients.  One of the first steps is to determine if the birth parent(s) consent to giving up their parental rights to the adoptive child.  Whether your case involves a consensual adoption, or non-consensual adoption, Tiffany Graves Law has the experience needed to complete the adoption without needless complications or delays.  In a free consultation, she can explain the adoptions process and answer your questions.  



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